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Up to 90% cheaper than tinted helmet shields

Press On - Peel Off, Use over and over again

ATTENTION: We want to help make your favorite sport safer and more enjoyable, while protecting your eyes at the same time.

If Tint A Shield doesn’t reduce sun glare for you, we will pay you double what you paid.

….Yes really, keep reading and you will see how Tint A shield works.


Tint-A-Shield does exactly what its name states. Tints the shield of your goggles or helmet. The easy yet practical solution to a pest for many riders; Sun Glare.

I bet you there has been many times you wished you had a tinted helmet shield or tinted goggle lens, while enjoying your favorite extreme sport, because the sun was glaring in your eyes.

We have the solution….


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Tinted Helmet Shield

 Created with a Static Cling UV protection, Tint-A-Shield’s state of the art design comes in 2 Universal shapes to protect either your helmet or your goggles.
Tint-A-Shield also boasts 2 different types of protections; Light (20%) and Dark (5%).

FACT -> 16 million people go blind every year from cataracts, up to 20% of these cases can be linked to over exposure of the eyes to UV radiation.

FACT -> Sun glare is a contributing factor in a number of automobile and off-road vehicle accidents every year.

FACT -> Bright sun reflecting on a blanket of white snow can reflect damaging rays into unprotected eyes.

FACT -> Tinted shields and visor tint type products are one of the best sources of UV protection.



I have a friend that lives in the Chicago area. I just got back from a trip to northern Minnesota with him. The first day there, he put a tint a shield on my shield and told me to try it. I thought it was a great idea. I got your web-site from him. When I returned home, I went on-line and ordered one of each. –Tim


Currently, Tint-A-Shield can be used on Motorcycle Helmets, Race car helmets, sky diving, lacrosse and even Helmets for Hockey!
With freshly fallen snow somethimes the glare increases. Guess what? Tint-A-Shield can also apply to Snowmobile helmets snowboard goggles and ATV Helmets and Goggles. When you’re at the track, avoid the wall by applying Tint-A-Shield to you Go-Cart Racing Helmet Accessories.
The possibilities seem endless considering the fact that there is more to tell.

Reduce Glare UV Eye Protection Safer Riding

Look how easy Tint A shield is to use

Helmet Visor Tint

Remove Cap

From supplied storage tube, remove Tint A Shield.

Unroll Tint A Shield


Unroll Tint A Shield with both hands, for best results.

Helmet Accessories

Apply to shield

While holding Tint-A-Shield with both hands, center over helmet shield and apply.

Helmet Accessories

Wipe Out Air Bubbles

Wipe out air bubbles with fingers or cloth. Make sure Tint A Shield is completely on shield.

Helmet Accessories

Fast easy removal

Simply Grab Quick release tab to remove Tint-A-Shield.

Tinted Helmet Shield

Pull Off helmet shield

Roll up & put Tint A shield in provided storage tube, for best results reuse supplied paper.


Company Profile

Tint a Shield has been in business sense 2004 and has sold 1,000’s

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Tinted Helmet Shield

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