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Client Testimonials:

I heard of you from the John Dee’s Snow Central Web site. My husband has been looking for something like this for years now. Thank you – JoAnn

I have a friend that lives in the Chicago area. I just got back from a trip to northern Minnesota with him. The first day there, he put a tint a shield on my shield and told me to try it. I thought it was a great idea. I got your web-site from him. When I returned home, I went on-line and ordered one of each. – Tim

Interesting product….Seems to do what I want just fine. – Cyrano_Oneone

Sells a great product, it really works, a very welcome addition to e bay A PLUS+. – katana45

Yes, I did receive and have only had one chance to use them before the snow melted but I am very pleased with there performance and ease of use. I am looking forward to using them in the upcoming motorcycling & 4 wheeler seasons. – Dave Banks

I discovered your product at the Novi snowmobile show and feel it is a quality product to see in our powersports dealership. Thank you. – Brian, Rev Powersports LLC

I found you on John Dee’s sight. I have had a shield {Polar Optics?} that velcro’s on, but I lost it, and it is always awkward to store on the sled, so for $12, I’ll give this a try. – Fagan Chevrolet Cadillac

Tint-A-Shield, I received my order today. Thank you for the shipment. I hope to provide you some feedback on your product. I think the product has some great potential. – Tim Ruppert

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 Posted on : September 8, 2013