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Frequently Asked Questions – TintaShield

Will Tint-A-Shield blow off?
No, if you wipe out all air pockets when applying, or apply to inside of shield.
How many times can I use it?
Tint-A-Shield works over and over again.
What about the bumps in the plastic after unrolling it?
Once you apply Tint-A-Shield to your shield and wipe out all air pockets, they will go away.Hint: If you get too many bumps in Tint-A-Shield, from improper rolling, apply to home window and wipe out all air pockets, leave applied for 24 hours, most bumps will come out. Repeat if necessary.
Will Tint-A-Shield work in the cold?
Yes, for best results, warm plastic and shield with hands before applying.
Is Tint-A-Shield supposed to completely cover my shield ?
No, Tint-A-Shield is a universal tint, made to fit most helmets without trimming. Sense Tint-A-Shield doesn’t cover the entire shield, that allows for a few peep holes to look through when ridding in the shade.
This item is great, but will it cover all or most of the surface of my shield…? HJC, ZRL, ZEUS ..!! or will this just cover half of it..
Yes, it covers most of the shield. Actually you do not want Tint-A-Shield to cover the entire shield for 2 reasons:

  1. It is very hard to get the Tint-A-Shield to touch only the shield while covering the entire shield. If you do not touch the shield only, you will create air pockets which could potentially make it come off.
  2. The small places that Tint-A-Shield doesn’t cover are what I call peek-a-boo spots, so when you are riding through a shaded area, your can tilt your head slightly to see through the non tinted areas for the short while you’re in the shade.


Will Tint-A-Shield work on heated shields?
 Yes, Tint-A-Shield has been tested on heated and non heated shields. It works great on both!

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 Posted on : September 8, 2013