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T-Sport Leather Jacket
With Mastrotech and UV Refraction Technology

by Rick K. and Bill
C. for

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Motorcycle Clothing Reviews

The M-Tech T-Sport leather jacket is a modern take on the
classic leather motorcycle jacket.
It has a few hidden technology updates, including the water and stain
repelling “Mastrotech” leather treatment.
The other modern addition is the “Refraction” technology, which
reduces UV light absorption and is claimed to reduce the temperatures of
the black leather.
We ran some totally unscientific tests on the jacket and compared to
untreated black leather, the T-Sport jacket did remain slightly cooler
than non-treated jacket; more on this below.
The T-Sport jacket has classic looks and the black with red and white
accents is my favorite combination. The jacket is also available with
red or blue in place of the black panels but those versions are sold
only in Europe.
M-Tech is relatively new “flying under the radar” brand for many
motorcyclists but the company is owned by the very large
Mastrotto Group in Italy, who
makes and supplies all types of leather for worldwide clothing
industries. They have developed several unique and patented leather
treatment technologies useful for motorcyclists.
Bottom line, the M-Tech T-Sport jacket has classic good looks,
outstanding construction, “hidden” modern features and the price is
reasonable for a jacket that will probably last a lifetime while still
looking stylish.

We have reviewed a few M-Tech items over the years, most recently the
M-Tech Adventure jacket
(review), a 3/4-length textile jacket with heavy-duty build quality
and several interesting features.
M-Tech is probably best known for their “Refraction” leather
treatment developed by the parent Mastrotto Group leather manufacturers in Italy.
The treatment is said to reduce UV light absorption to keep the classic
black leather motorcycle jackets, pants and gloves cooler in bright sun.
M-Tech apparel is sold around the world and the brand is now
available in the U.S.A., sold direct to consumers.


T-Sport Jacket Styling
The T-Sport jacket is a classic motorcycle design, which means simple
and proven. It works for cruisers, sport riders and even
non-motorcyclists who want to look like one.
This jacket is surely done right, with a touch of bright color
provided by the white and red stripes and the retro-looking M-tech “M”
logo on the shoulders. I’d rather not have the “MTECH” letters sewn on to the front and rear
(at the upper neck), but at least they’re not too overbearing.
The jacket is made in Ukraine, which is a bit off the beaten path
when it comes to motorcycle gear. The construction and overall quality
is outstanding and the 1.0 mm thick leather feels substantial and it has beautiful,
even graining and very nice dyes in the colors. The red is a deep
scarlet that looks much better than it appears in our photos and it
really sets off the design.
The leather sections in the rear are cut to fit a slightly tapered
body shape and this gives the jacket a nice overall fit and feel.
The stitching is also perfect, with mostly single rows and rolled
edges at the panels. The stitches are perfectly aligned and the stitch
intervals are also perfect. It’s an excellent job all around, no doubt.


T-Sport Jacket Features
Since the T-Sport jacket is designed as a classic, you won’t find a
lot of extraneous features. There are no vents, for example, although
the inside of the arms at the bend of the elbows and around the underarm
are sections of black elastic material that give some flexibility in
these areas while keeping the overall sleek look.
There are two main standout features on the T-Sport jacket; the first
is the Mastrotech leather treatment,
which provides water resistance and a claimed anti-static and stain
resistance. It’s hard to tell how it works but we did puddle some water
in a depression on the jacket and it never did absorb into the leather.
There are no stains either where the water was located.
The treatment doesn’t seem to have affected the feel of the leather
surface; it’s not the buttery-smooth type found in leather dress
jackets, nor is it the smooth surface-treatment with the feel of something like the
iconic Schott Café Racer leather jacket
(review).. The graining on the T-Sport jacket is very even and the jacket has a
feel that’s a cross between high-end luxury and thick, rugged protective
cowhide, if you can imagine that.
The other main feature is the Refraction technology, which is
supposed to reflect UV light to keep the black portions of the jacket

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M-Tech Refraction Technology
There isn’t much information available about the Refraction (“refrACTION”)
technology, so I don’t know what type of coating or treatment it is and
how it works.
M-Tech’s parent corporation the Mastrotto Group claims a 10 Celsius
reduction (18° F) in surface temperatures from non-treated black leather. That’s
quite a claim.
We ran a very unscientific poor man’s test on the back porch, by
laying Rick’s Joe Rocket Speedmaster jacket
(review) next to the T-Sport on a sunny 78 F (or so) day (26 C).
Using a

Tempgun infrared thermometer (review) during a span of about 10
minutes, the black sections of the T-Sport consistently registered
slightly cooler temperatures than the black sections of the Speedmaster,
but nothing like a 10° C or 18° F difference.
This is a difficult test, because the two jackets have to be at the
same angle to the sun; the temperatures have to be taken at the same
location on each jacket; the clouds coming across make a difference, as
does the wind; the surface sheen of the leather is different…and
probably more factors.
During the 10 minute time span however, the T-Sport ranged around a 5° F or so difference. Is that enough to be noticeable when wearing
the jacket? Very difficult to say, as you’d have to wear both jackets
under the same conditions and have pretty sensitive skin.
But at least we were able to “prove” that there is something going
on; a difference in temperatures that makes the black surface of the
T-Sport cooler than the black leather of the Speedmaster.

The T-Sport has a single 13 cm wide and 11 cm deep pocket on the left
side at the upper chest. It closes with an “OPTI” branded zipper and
it’s handy for storing a wallet.
The two hand pockets are in the standard location. Each is about 17
cm tall and as much deep, although the inside is cut at an angle, as
these types of pockets usually are.
The pocket openings are nicely finished with a separate backing
stitched into a narrow square rectangular-shaped insert that is also
finished with the high-quality stitching used in the T-Sport jacket.
There’s an 18 cm by 17 cm cargo pocket on the inside of the right
side of the liner and a similar pocket on the inside of the jacket
itself, both placed low and down in the front.

Removable Liner
The T-Sport also has a slightly more rugged insulating liner than
many of the other leather motorcycle jackets we’ve reviewed. This one
has full-length sleeves with elastic cuffs that attach with dual snaps
at the bottom of each sleeve. The elastic cuffs are comfortable and help
to keep the arms warmer.
The liner also attaches with a full-length zipper around the inside
of the front of the jacket. Altogether, the liner probably adds about a
1/2 size to the jacket.
The liner is comfortable and it’s actually nicely efficient in colder

Collar, Cuffs
and Adjusters
The collar on the T-Sport is also relatively basic, or “classic”, as
befits this jacket style. It has two metal snaps for adjustment.
The front main zipper is also an “OPTI” brand. It has smaller teeth
so that most of it is hidden behind the leather in the zipper opening,
as you can see in the photo above.
The sleeve cuffs are once again the typically classic design, with a
15 cm zipper on the inside and a single metal snap at the cuff end.
The T-Sport jacket also has waist adjusters on either side. In
keeping with what appears to be M-Tech’s aversion to hook-and-loop (that
we noticed with the Adventure jacket), the adjusters on the T-Sport are
snaps. This nicely hides the adjuster but means only two snaps for the
actual adjustment, although this didn’t bother and we didn’t find the
need to change the setting.

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Sizing and Fit
The M-Tech Adventure jacket is available in sizes ranging from 46 to
60 Euro. This jacket is a size 54, about equivalent to a U.S. men’s XL
and it fits correctly to size. With the liner installed, a chest size of
about 44 should fit with a sleeve length of 34 or so.

The T-Sport jacket includes CE-rated shoulder and elbow protectors
labeled EN Level 1. The jacket has a large pocket in the rear for the
optional “MPROTECH” back protector, which is a CE Level 1 protector that
comes in small and large sizes.

Overall Opinionator: M-Tech T-Sport Jacket


…and Pans

Outstanding overall quality.

No hook-and-loop!

Has a sturdy, protective feel.

Substantial thermal liner.

Classic styling.

Mastrotech and Refraction leather treatments add value.

 No ventilation.
Collar and cuffs have minimal
Sleeve cuffs could have a
slimmer design.

The M-Tech T-Sport jacket is a beautifully classic design with a high
level of finishing and quality. The jacket should look good many years
from now, as this type of styling has been with us seemingly forever
with no end in sight.
Leather motorcycle jacket aficionados should like the T-Sport and
heck, everyone needs a classic leather jacket in the wardrobe, whether
you’re a motorcyclist or not.
The price is reasonable for this level of quality and the added
technology make the T-Sport a contender.
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Product Review: M-Tech T-Sport Jacket

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Colors: Black, Red, Blue with
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Made In: Ukraine
Sizes: 46 to 60 Euro
Review Date: May 2014

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